Our Technology

Intelligent metrics featuring : AdBeacon™, AdDashboard™, AdPlatform™.


For AdMobilizers

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For Businesses

We have re-imagined big data intelligence for outdoor and indoor advertising


At AdMobilize, we provide brands with a dramatic rethink of Out-Of-Home Advertising. AdMobilize brings the validated online digital advertising model to the physical world. In addition, it allows everyday consumers to become a marketing touchpoint and earn income advertising. Our pioneering AdPlatform™ allows for you to quickly and easily pinpoint your target audience and reach them where they are.

  • Take online metrics to the offline world with AdMetrics™
  • Use brand ambassadors to create new levels of value and exposure
  • Easily create and manage campaigns
  • Receive real-time data tracking
  • Use customized segmentation to target desired demographics

Ad Differently

With the current fragmented media marketplace, advertising is ripe for disruption. There’s no reason OOH Advertising should be limited to the sides of buses and billboards with so few quantifiable metrics. That’s why, at AdMobilize, we provide you with the tools to monitor your campaign in real time and tweak it to minimize your CPM. With our intuitive AdDashboard™ that includes GPS, satellite communication, images, and never-seen-before offline metrics, you always know the status of your campaign at any given time. With our state-of-the-art psychographic and demographic data, you can customize your campaign to precisely select where and who you want to advertise with. With 65 pre-determined demographic categories, our customized segmentation allows you to target your audience with pinpoint precision. In addition, should any campaign not meet clear standards, we offer an easy appeals process. Through our trust-based practices, we guarantee your satisfaction and success. With dedicated platforms, AdMobilize allows you to promote your brand through engaged interactions with your fans. We strive to consistently provide you with unique and targeted approaches to reaching your audience and delivering your campaign. Whether through branded offers, discounts, designs, contests and more, at AdMobilize we’ll change the way you approach your advertising.

Pay Per Look™, Pay Per Gaze™ and Pay Per Face™

AdMobilize has pioneered Pay Per Look™, Pay Per Gaze™ and Pay Per Face™ for the advertising industry. Bridging the gap between antiquated outdoor performance metrics with the validated online tracking methods, we allow advertisers to measure each campaigns' actual impressions, in real-time in the physical world. AdMobilize's state-of-the-art proprietary and patent-protected software and hardware, is disrupting the media space. Our team, also consisting of scientists with PhD degrees from MIT, Florida International University, and Cornell University have accomplished, which seemed to be the unimaginable for decades. Additionally, we democratize advertising by allowing consumers to monetize the brands they are advertising. Pay Per Look™, Pay Per Gaze™ and Pay Per Face™ is calculated by dividing the advertising cost by the number of looks and faces generated by an advertisement on our tablets, AdGear™ for the vehicle and our AdBeacon™. The basic formula is: Pay Per Look™ ($) = Advertising cost ($) ÷ Ads Looked At (#) The basic formula is: Pay Per Face™ ($) = Advertising cost ($) ÷ Ads Exposed to Faces (#)

AdMetrics™ and AdDashboard™

in-depth analysis of your campaigns

Our innovative AdDashboard™ gives you an in-depth analysis of your campaigns. With state-of-the-art data analysis, you receive instant metrics with our AdMetrics™:

  • Number of AdMobilizers per campaign
  • Status of ongoing campaign sessions
  • Total advertised hours
  • Physical range of your campaign
  • CPM
  • Pay Per Look™, Pay Per Gaze™, Pay Per Face™ and Pay Per Vehicle™

Sessions Review

review specific sessions in detail

Within each campaign, you’re able to track individual AdMobilizers and review specific sessions in detail. Through dashboard viewing, you’ll receive:

  • Minute-by-minute snapshots
  • Individual session status
  • GPS mapping
  • AdMobilizer efficiency ratio

Demographic Targeting

Specific regions, cities, and neighborhoods

Target who you want, where you want, and how you want to. Through our double segmentation options, choose:

  • Specific regions, cities, and neighborhoods
  • Age groups
  • Marital statuses
  • Education levels
  • Cultural backgrounds
  • Personal interests
  • AdMobilizers

Campaign Creation

start advertising differently

With just one click, upload your campaign creative and start advertising differently.

At AdMobilize, we are redefining the advertising industry by placing it into your hands. With our innovative software, you can turn your iPad or car’s rear windshield into a billboard for your favorite brands and get paid to do so.

Getting Started

Being an AdMobilizer isn’t a job; it’s a lifestyle. You don’t need to do anything differently—you’ll go out with your friends, dine out with your family and drive to work like everyone else. But as an AdMobilizer you put a little extra cash in your pockets to do whatever you want—whether it’s a night out on the town or a trip to the grocery store. On average, AdMobilizers earn $100 a month, which means that if you save up for a year, being an AdMobilizer can buy you a new sleek laptop or an incredible vacation.

The iPad AdMobilizer

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The Car AdMobilizer

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How do I become an AdMobilizer?

It’s simple: sign up and choose which brands you want to advertise. At the end of each month, you’ll get a check based on the hours you ran your campaign. It’s as easy as that.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. All you have to do is download the iPad app and/or set-up the AdGear™ on your car and go. Run your favorite campaigns on your time. Earn cash for expressing who you are.


You already advertise for your favorite brands, and pay to do so. Now you have the chance to flip that on its head.

  • Earn an average of $100 a month
  • Receive exclusive partner offers and discounts
  • Join an advertisement movement
  • Get paid to advertise for your favorite brands
  • Be a tech-savvy trendsetter
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Make a Bold Move: connect with your favorite brands on your terms.

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“This entire concept couldn’t be any cooler. I already take my iPad with me everywhere I go and now it pays its own way!”
Kristen S, AdMobilizer

Whether looking to promote your business or your favorite brands, AdMobilize is the preeminent solution.

Make a Bold Move: connect with your favorite brands on your terms.

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About Us Changing the rules and roles of advertising.

Our goal is simple: to change the rules of advertising. With innovative technology never before seen in the offine world, we're establishing new roles for brands and consumers alike.

Based in Miami, Florida, AdMobilize has brought together some of the world’s top technological minds from places like Cornell, MIT and institutions around the globe. Our consistent drive to create a new paradigm of advertising has allowed us to develop groundbreaking technology that was typically restricted to Palo Alto, Boston, and Seattle.

Our Story

AdMobilize was born out of luck and following one’s inner voice to follow a dream. Our founder, Rodolfo Saccoman, was working at The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, as director of online marketing, when a chord struck with him. Rodolfo mastered online advertising platforms such as Google Ads/Sense but when asked to research how to rent billboards on the road for a campaign; something was triggered.

The first seed was planted when he realized that renting offline billboards worked on antique technology. Then, a few months passed and Rodolfo noticed that regular drivers put bumper stickers on their cars for brands that apparently they connect with. Then, the second catalyst occurred; why should we put logos on our cars or wear them in our clothes, while representing other people’s brands for free? Then, one day while he was doing his daily run, it clicked. We should change the way people advertise. We should become the Robin Hood of advertising. We should connect offline devices such as cars and tablets, and create the most intelligent ad network for the physical world. We should empower consumers to make money to represent those brands they love. We should provide advertisers with the most advanced platform to create and measure offline campaigns; mimicking the power of the already validated online advertising model.

Then it took raw courage for Rodolfo to resign the typical status quo job, use savings, bootstrap, and trust that inner calling to create AdMobilize. Only two- months after quitting, the first seed capital was raised. From that point, everything has flowed. It just flows... A dream team was assembled, additional funding raised, clients’ aligned, successful focus groups, people becoming AdMobilizers and embracing this advertising movement.

This is just the beginning… We look forward to growing our team, changing the world, and improving people’s lives. Believe in yourselves and follow your dreams, always!

The First Creative Notes:

The First Creative Notes
The First Creative Notes AdMobilize
The First Creative Notes Team
The First Creative Notes

Our Team

At AdMobilize, we believe nothing can be accomplished without the solid foundation of an exceptional team. We have brought together a group of dedicated, driven and creative individuals with backgrounds as diverse as economics, marketing, computer science and advertising.

We believe in the force of creativity, perseverance, reaching impossible dreams, big luck, and being able to change the world and help people live more fulfilled lives. It’s all about energy, good vibes, having the entrepreneurial DNA, and cool attitude; that is who we are and those are the people we want to join our mission. We invite everyone to come visit us.


Rodolfo Saccoman, Founder and CEO
Rodolfo Saccoman, Founder and CEO

After graduating from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and receiving his MBA from the University of Miami, Rodolfo went on to serve as the Director of Online Marketing at The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach. He spent ten years establishing & growing their online presence as well as developing several software systems. Rodolfo switched gears thereafter and began a career in investments at Morgan Stanley. In his spare time, he went on to co-found MyTherapyJournal.com, which won the University of Miami’s prestigious Business Plan competition before going on to win on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” season one. After his success with MyTherapyJournal.com, Rodolfo decided to break the status quo to build AdMobilize.

Charles C. Irizarry, IA Director
Charles C. Irizarry, IA Director

Charles architects technology solutions, and develops user experiences that are intuitive and beautiful to use and work with.

He was Co-Founder and Partner at 5DPI Media, a web development start-up based out of Miami. Charles ran daily operations and excelled in information architecture design, solution delivery and daily sales efforts that put 5DPI Media on the map and played a critical role in the acquisition of 5DPI by Decipher Labs and in the merger of Decipher Labs with Rokk3r Mobile to form Rokk3r Labs.

Board of Advisors: Key minds joining our efforts

Mok Oh - Member, Board of Advisors
Mok Oh - Member, Board of Advisors

With a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mok has been involved in a variety of highly successful entrepreneurial ventures including EveryScape and Where. His most recent endeavor was Chief Scientist at PayPal.

Noel Elman - Member, Board of Advisors
Noel Elman - Member, Board of Advisors

Noel embarked his career as a serial entrepreneur before settling down to a full-time position as a MIT research scientist. He earned both his Bachelor and Master’s degrees from Cornell University and his PhD from Tel Aviv University.

Alexandre Saverin – Member, Board of Advisors
Alexandre Saverin – Member, Board of Advisors

Alexandre acts as Portfolio Manager and Director of Technology for Kawa Capital, where he is also a partner. Previously, Alexandre was at Horn Eichenwald Investments as the Head of Software Development. Alexandre also worked at Motorola's Multimedia Messaging team as a senior developer, successfully launching the platform to over 60 million subscribers. Alexandre has a BA in computer science from Cornell University.

Felipe Lemos – Member, Board of Advisors
Felipe Lemos – Member, Board of Advisors

Felipe serves as Director of Operations for Kawa Capital. Prior to Kawa, Felipe worked with European and Latin American investors in the South Florida real estate market. He founded Caravelas Cigar, a premium cigar manufacturer in Brazil, which was successfully sold. Felipe holds a BA in history from Duke University.

Menachem Nathan - Member Board of Advisors

Dr. Nathan has a PhD from Cornell University and is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University and has published over 100 papers in scientific journals. As an inventor he holds 32 patents and is a USPTO registered patent agent and founder of Nathan & Associates Patent Agents.

Co-founders and Technical Partners: Rokk3rLabs

Nabyl Charania, Managing Director
Nabyl Charania, Managing Director

A driven visionary, Nabyl has built software companies, managed research and development departments and overseen large teams. He is known in the tech world for developing SMS billing platforms, downloadable ring-tone systems as well as building a global VoIP/SIP-based call center architecture. His focus on decreasing the large-scale deployment costs though smart IP-based tools has made him an indispensible member of the AdMobilize team, where has taken a leadership role in strategic business and technology development.

German Montoya, Managing Director
German Montoya, Managing Director

German’s successful delivery of integrated communication strategies & solutions that revolutionize the way brands communicate with consumers makes him a perfect fit for our team. His professional record in creating business strategy, combined with his experience in executive management at Cyclelogic, has led him to excel at understanding the mobile marketplace.

Brian Sanchez, Managing Director
Brian Sanchez, Managing Director

Brian plays an integral part in defining and implementing the core of Rokk3r Labs’ proprietary development platform, its related products and intelligent algorithms.

Brian co-founded 5DPI Media, which brought next-level web development to small and medium sized businesses. Brian’s endless arsenal of technical abilities and equally impressive management and software architecture skills are fundamental in helping move ideas from conception to end-product at Rokk3r Labs.

Our Culture

Our Culture

At AdMobilize, we are a dedicated group of professionals striving to change the world. Our passion is connecting people to the brands they love, while paying them back (literally) for their enthusiasm and loyalty. For us, it’s about making a difference in people’s lives. Because, in the end, life is meant to be enjoyed. Words that we live by: creativity, dreams, hard work, passion, freedom, perseverance.

Our Vision No idea is too big.

At AdMobilize, we are innovation in action. As a technology-driven enterprise, we are consistently developing new software that is guaranteed to bring a paradigm shift to the advertising industry.

When it comes to advertising, the rules have changed. We saw an opportunity to reshape the way brands and consumers connect through mobile, on the go, Out-Of-Home Advertising. We are bringing a new perspective to this evergreen industry.

Our Technology


Based on extensive research and raw creativity conducted by our team and strategic partners, we’ve created an innovative software and hardware that changes the way mobile and Out-Of-Home Advertising attracts customers, analyzes metrics and drives results. AdMobilize has created an ad network for the physical world where both connected and unconnected devices become part of our platform.


Our game-changing network takes advantage of tapestry segmentation which includes 65 pre-determined categories on top of allowing for further custom created segmentation based on your needs and wants. This facilitates the synchronization of Advertiser with AdMobilizer and turns AdMobilize into the most dynamic advertising platform ever created.

AdBeacon™ Technology

Our AdBeacon™ is based on state-of-art patented hardware technology. A first in the world of outdoor media, AdMobilize syncs unconnected physical spaces onto the online grid. Our proprietary Pay Per Look™ technology works seamlessly with our hardware offerings. Furthermore, our iPad app works in a similar fashion, taking advantage of Apple’s revolutionary technology.

Our technology delivers unparalleled benefits, including:

  • Minute-by-minute geo-tagged photos
  • Pay Per Look™ : AdBeacon™ , Vehicles, Tablets
  • In-depth campaign metric analysis in real-time
  • Customizable campaigns to target specific regions and demographics

  • AdGear Front Vehicle
    AdGear Back Vehicle
    AdGear Beacon Car Kit

    News & Press


    Our vision for changing the advertising industry wouldn’t be possible without both our boundless approach to technology and our partners and supporters, including:


    If you are an AdMobilizer and have a question, you can contact us by sending us an email at info@admobilize.com. We love hearing from you, whether you’re sharing a suggestion or letting us know about something that needs to be fixed, so don’t be shy. If you are a business interested in working with us, please email corporate@admobilize.com.