Tractor Outdoor partnership with AdMobilize

Tractor Outdoor partnership with AdMobilize. One of South Africa’s leading independent out of home (OOH) media owners, has joined forces with intelligence platform AdMobilize. And that’s  offer advertisers a powerful analytics that will allow them to make more informed media placement decisions.

The partnership with AdMobilize is the latest move in Tractor’s aggressive drive to expand its audience datasets, partnering with platforms that will enable the media owner to demonstrate more intelligent insights.

Says Remi Du Preez, commercial director at Tractor Outdoor, “Tractor is a member of the Outdoor Measurement Council (OMC), which allows us to access static demographical data of the audiences that we impress upon. Our next progression was to augment this with mobile tracking data that enables us to serve campaigns more intelligently and in real-time to relevant audiences.”

Tractor Outdoor partnership with AdMobilize is the next step in the journey

“This will allow us to count, with complete accuracy, the number of consumers or vehicles in front of one of our billboards at any given time. This gives us powerful and instantaneous insight into the movements of our consumers at different times of the day, and allows us to ratify verified impressions.”

AdMobilize’s technology integrates into camera systems installed at key sites, and can also determine the type of vehicle – such as a truck, car or motorbike. For specific site applications, the technology can even ascertain the difference between male and female consumers, and offer a respective age band, while complying with all data privacy laws.

Jose Mora, CEO at AdMobilize, says that the company is excited to partner with Tractor Outdoor. Bringing a deeper level of analytics and insights to the South African market. “Tractor is ahead of the curve in bravely exploring and adopting new technologies that will catalyse a fundamental shift in how the local outdoor media industry does business in the very near future.


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