Admobilize Newsletter – October Edition

It’s that time of the month again – time to dive into the world of Digital Out-of-Home and Retail Media with the Admobilize Newsletter. We’ve got the scoop on all the happenings from September and a sneak peek into what’s on the horizon for October.

Product Evolution: What’s new at Admobilize

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest enhancement to our platform. Check out our new and improved Dwell Time and Viewing Location Analytics!

  • Dwell Time: Dive deep into audience engagement by tracking the time of exposure to your billboards. With this feature, you can precisely measure how long viewers engage with your ads, providing invaluable insights into ad effectiveness and audience interest.
  • Viewing Location: Gain a comprehensive understanding of where your audience is positioned when interacting with your billboards. This feature pinpoints the exact locations from which viewers engage, enabling you to fine-tune your billboard placement strategies for optimal impact.

With Dwell Time and Viewing Location Analytics, you’ll have the tools to refine your campaigns, optimize content delivery, and elevate your billboard advertising game. Check a glimpse of our new feature in action!

Our Latest Alliances

  • AdMobilize Partners with Open Media to Launch One of the First 3D Campaigns. In our recent partnership with OPEN Media UKAdMobilize has played a pivotal role in delivering an exceptional 3D Perspective campaign for Sky Betting & Gaming during the EFL Play-Off Finals. Our key contribution focused on providing audience and traffic measurement services, allowing us to assess the campaign’s remarkable impact. Read the complete blog
  • Pitch Sessions. We’re delighted to highlight the recent participation of our CEO,José Mora, in the Plug and Play University Pitch Sessions. During this engaging session, José presented the AdMobilize data platform and shared insights into how we empower our clients in the retail and Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising sectors. Our focus remains on providing cutting-edge solutions for audience measurement and asset monetization. This event reaffirms our commitment to innovation and collaboration within the industry. We look forward to more opportunities to showcase the power of AdMobilize in helping businesses thrive.

Audience Measurement Admobilize Solutions

At AdMobilize, we offer the most precise audience measurement solution for the physical world through our cutting-edge computer vision technology. Our solutions empower businesses with invaluable insights into their operations.

In this edition, we highlight three key use cases that showcase the power of AdMobilize in action. Whether you’re looking to enhance audience measurement, optimize traffic dynamics, or delve into in-store analytics, at Admobilize we have the solution for your business. Explore how our technology can revolutionize your strategy and elevate your success. 

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