AdMobilize Site and Site Groups: Precision Location Tracking and Data Extraction

In the realm of device management and data extraction, AdMobilize introduces a game-changing feature – Site and Site Groups. These tools redefine how you track device locations and extract mobile data with precision and efficiency.

Unlocking Insights with AdMobilize's Sites and Site Groups

AdMobilize’s Sites feature serves as a robust means to aggregate devices and mobile data, providing a representation of physical spaces within our dashboard. This functionality allows users to filter data from various data sources and translate it into insightful graphs, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of audience behavior and engagement.


Unified Data Aggregation:

AdMobilize’s Sites feature serves as a centralized hub, aggregating data from diverse devices and mobile sources. This consolidation provides a comprehensive view of physical spaces, allowing users to analyze audience interactions and trends.


Visual Representation through Graphs:

The strength of AdMobilize’s Sites lies in its ability to convert raw data into visually compelling graphs. This feature facilitates quick and intuitive insights into audience behavior, dwell times, and other key metrics, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on real-time information.


Enhanced Organization with Site Groups:

Site Groups take organization to the next level by providing a structured way to group individual sites. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing multiple locations or campaigns, offering a streamlined approach to data organization. 

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