Audience Measurement

By harnessing the power of cutting-edge computer vision technology, you will be able to acquire in-depth understanding about the demographics engaging with your displays, or those who frequent your brick-and-mortar establishments.

Simple to get started


Getting hardware ready

You can install our solution on Windows & Linux local players (contact us for the right specifications based on your use case), or simply use one of our AI Sensors to start collecting data.


AI & Computer Vision

Our software takes 5 minutes to install and get running. Our AI will run locally on your device and start analysing the video feed as it happens. We're 100% anonymous-by-design (No Personal data collected. Ever). Only meta data will be shared both locally and to the cloud for triggering and reporting.


Classification & accuracy

Our software has been trained and optimised by our team to detect audiences at the highest accuracy without any sort of bias across gender or ethnicity. You will be able to accurately measure your audience's age, gender, attention time and real impressions.

When to use our solution

Retail Media / Digital Signage

In-store screens are the last point of influence a brand has with their customers in the real world. Use data to optimise your messaging and move the needle in conversions, basket size and store management. Measure each screen in real time, sync with your content data and understand the impact each piece of content is having.

DOOH Advertising

DOOH is evolving and new data is needed to understand campaigns and ads playing across the real world. Collect data in real-time across your DOOH assets, organise your data and sync with your CMS data. Report back to clients with a single click. Push your data to your favourite programmatic platforms so your clients pay for Impressions that actually happen.

In-Store Anonymous Analytics

Understand traffic flows and overall footfall for different stores, sections within a single store or specific areas. Heat map areas of attention and get an overall understanding of what's going on inside each store, just by using your existing IP cameras. Optimise staff numbers, stocking predictions, people flow optimisation and communication strategy.

Audience Measurement - Cloud based Dashboard & API access

Our dashboard will be available 24/7 so you can track real time performance of your content and assets.
Use our API to integrate your data for planning engines, local CMS and even programmatic trading with your SSP/DSP of choice. 

Demographics Age & Gender audience breakdown at a granular level. Review sites up to per minute, and on a per Ad basis.

Collect real time Impressions (OTS) and confirmed Views from your audience. No estimations or calculations.

Understand dwell times for your content. How long do you have to gain attention? How long do you have to pass on a message?

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