Mobile Data: Elevating DOOH Data Collection with AdMobilize

With Mobile Data, clients can now seamlessly gather valuable insights without the need for additional hardware, all under one subscription with AdMobilize.

Unlock New Insights with Enhanced Widgets


Customer Journey Mapping

You can deploy our footfall counter for DOOH on Windows and Linux local players (reach out for specifications tailored to your use case), or effortlessly utilize one of our AI Sensors to initiate data collection.


Location-based Targeting

Harness the power of location-based targeting. Utilize Mobile Data insights to deliver hyper-localized ads, reaching audiences at the right time and place.


Competitive Analysis

Gain a competitive edge with comprehensive competitive analysis. Leverage Mobile Data to benchmark performance, uncover market trends, and refine your advertising strategies.

When to use our solution

Retail Store: Foot Traffic Analysis

Optimize store layout and marketing strategies. Understand customer flow patterns to enhance product placement, improve navigation, and boost sales.

Shopping Mall: Event Promotion

Drive foot traffic and engagement. Utilize Mobile Data to target shoppers with personalized event promotions, increasing attendance and enhancing the shopping experience.

Event Organizer: Audience Insights

Maximize event success. Analyze Mobile Data to understand attendee demographics, interests, and behaviors, tailoring marketing efforts for increased ticket sales and attendee satisfaction.

Unlock New Insights with Enhanced Widgets

With Mobile Data, AdMobilize introduces three new widgets to empower our clients with deeper insights into consumer behavior:

Purchase Intent: Gain valuable understanding into consumers’ purchase intentions, allowing for targeted marketing strategies tailored to their needs and preferences.

Household Income: Access demographic data on household income levels, enabling more precise audience segmentation for highly effective ad targeting.

Interest: Explore consumers’ interests and preferences to refine ad content and placement, ensuring maximum engagement and impact.

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