Audience Measurement & People Counting

By incorporating state-of-the-art people counting technology, our digital out-of-home audience measurement solution enables you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the demographics interacting with your displays or frequenting your brick-and-mortar establishments.

people counting

Simple to get started


Getting hardware ready

You can deploy our footfall counter for DOOH on Windows and Linux local players (reach out for specifications tailored to your use case), or effortlessly utilize one of our AI Sensors to initiate data collection.


AI & Computer Vision

Our people detection software for digital out-of-home can be easily installed and operational within 5 minutes. The AI operates locally on your device, analyzing the video feed in real-time. We prioritize 100% anonymity by design—no personal data is collected, ever. Only metadata will be shared both locally and to the cloud for triggering and reporting purposes.


Classification & accuracy

Trained and optimized by our team, the software excels in people counting within the digital out-of-home realm, ensuring the highest accuracy without bias based on gender or ethnicity. This enables precise measurement of audience age, gender, attention time, and real impressions.

When to use our solution

People Counting Audience Measurement - Retail Media

Retail Media / Digital Signage

Utilize footfall counters and audience measurement for retail to enhance the impact of in-store screens, the final point of influence with customers in the physical realm. Leverage data to optimize messaging and drive improvements in conversions, basket size, and store management. Real-time measurement of each screen, synchronized with your content data, provides insights into the impact of each piece of content.

Audience Measurement - DOOH Advertising​

DOOH Advertising

As digital out-of-home (DOOH) continues to evolve, the demand for fresh insights grows to comprehend campaigns and ads in the real world. Implement a footfall counter for DOOH, ensuring precise people counting by collecting real-time data across your DOOH assets. Organize and synchronize this data with your CMS data. Streamline client reporting with a single click. Channel your data to preferred programmatic platforms, ensuring clients pay for impressions that authentically occur.

Audience Measurement - In-Store Anonymous Analytics​

In-Store Anonymous Analytics

Enhance your retail strategy with audience measurement through a footfall counter tailored for retail. Utilize people detection technology to comprehend traffic flows and overall footfall in various stores, sections within a single store, or specific areas. Generate heat maps highlighting areas of attention, providing a comprehensive understanding of activities within each store, all through your existing IP cameras. Optimize staffing levels, stock predictions, people flow management, and communication strategies for improved operational efficiency.

Audience Measurement - Cloud based Dashboard & API access

Our dashboard will be available 24/7 so you can track real time performance of your content and assets.
Use our API to integrate your data for planning engines, local CMS and even programmatic trading with your SSP/DSP of choice.

Gender Chart

Demographics Age & Gender audience breakdown at a granular level. Review sites up to per minute, and on a per Ad basis.

Impressions and Views

Collect real time Impressions (OTS) and confirmed Views from your audience. No estimations or calculations.

Session and Attention Time

Understand dwell times for your content. How long do you have to gain attention? How long do you have to pass on a message?

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