Audience Intelligence for every campaign, every ad, in real time.

Broadsign is fully integrated into the AdMobilize AI insights platform.

AdMobilize for Broadsign.

AdMobilize has integrated Broadsign proof of play data to provide granular audience intelligence at a screen, campaign and Ad level. This integration provides several benefits like automating reporting capabilities, enabling dynamic campaigns or triggering on-device and automating the process of uploading Impressions Multipliers on Broadsign programmatic platform Broadsign Reach.

Multiple levels of reporting and automation.





Brands are demanding data for outdoor. We have scalable solutions.

Easily implement solutions from AdMobilize on formats ranging from bus shelter, to digital billboard, to wallscape.


Audience data per content


Data based content triggering in real time


Automatic updating of Impression
Multipliers on your SSP.

Intuitive Dashboards.

Our easy to use dashboard allows you to gain campaign insights and reports in real time with just a few clicks. Offer your clients fully verified Impressions per screen, campaign and even A/B testing with different creative ads.

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