AdMobilize integrates effortlessly with BroadSign digital signage

Maximize Insights with AdMobilize AI: Full Integration of Broadsign Reach

Revolutionize Retail Analytics

AdMobilize enhances your analytics with Broadsign Integration for Retail, utilizing detailed audience intelligence at screen, campaign, and Ad levels. Experience automated reporting, dynamic campaigns, and seamless Impressions.

Elevate your retail strategy with unparalleled insights, optimizing campaigns, and ensuring impactful impressions across diverse advertising scenarios. So our CMS integration transforms data into actionable intelligence, enhancing decision-making for a strategic edge in the competitive retail landscape. Finnaly, explore Broadsign pricing for cost-effective solutions tailored to your retail advertising needs.

Multiple levels of reporting and automation

BrightSign Broadsign Integration - Network


Broadsign Integration - Screen


BrightSign BroadSign Integration - Campaign



Brands are demanding data for outdoor. We have scalable solutions.

Easily implement innovative solutions from AdMobilize across a variety of formats, spanning from dynamic bus shelters and eye-catching digital billboards to expansive wallscapes. Our versatile technologies seamlessly adapt to diverse advertising landscapes, providing a comprehensive suite of tools to elevate your brand presence and capture valuable audience insights.

BrightSign Integration - Measurement


Audience measurement data per content




Data based content triggering in real time



Automatic updating of Impression
Multipliers on your SSP.

Intuitive Dashboard

Empower your campaigns with the user-friendly Broadsign Integration for DOOH. Access real-time insights and reports effortlessly through our dashboard, providing fully verified Impressions per screen, campaign, and enabling A/B testing with diverse creative ads.

Our intuitive dashboard streamlines the retrieval of real-time insights and reports, offering a comprehensive understanding of fully verified Impressions across screens and campaigns. Seize the opportunity to refine your strategies with dynamic A/B testing, experimenting with a myriad of creative ads for optimal campaign impact.

BrightSign Broadsign Integration - Intuitive Dashboard
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