Maximize insights with AdMobilize's Audience Measurement Software: Customizable Dashboard & Heatmap

In the dynamic realm of retail, decoding customer behavior is paramount. With AdMobilize Customizable Dashboard, crafted exclusively for retail clients, delve into a new realm of insights using the groundbreaking Heatmap functionality. Enhance your retail strategy with a dashboard meticulously designed to cater to the distinctive demands of the industry, powered by cutting-edge audience measurement software.

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Tailor Your Analytics with AdMobilize's Audience Measurement Software

At AdMobilize, we’re excited to unveil our innovative “Customize Your Dashboard” feature, offering you control over your data monitoring experience. This functionality enables you to select the widgets most pertinent to you, enhancing your audience measurement software capabilities.


Personalized Widget Selection:

“Customize Your Dashboard” lets you choose which widgets appear, offering flexibility in monitoring metrics such as impressions, views, Gaze Thru Rate, live occupancy, and direction and others.


Diverse Graphical Insights:

Our customizable widgets present a variety of graphical representations, providing a comprehensive view of your data. 


User-Friendly Interface:

Seamlessly integrate the feature into our user-friendly interface, allowing for easy arrangement and organization of widgets to create a tailored dashboard aligning with your analytical needs.

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