Audience Intelligence for Retail

Our innovative audience intelligence for retail uses cutting-edge computer vision technology to help retailers understand and optimize their in-store footfall & Digital Signage. 

Features & Benefits

Use Cases

Retail Chains

Not every store is the same. Measure and optimize stores at scale with real time data and integrations to other sources of data. Correlate traffic levels to POS data, optimize product display based on customer movement and communicate targeted messaging based on live visitors to each store.

Shopping Malls

Use our data solutions to quantify traffic across your venues, measure the effectiveness of DOOH displays and sell advertising space more effectively and programmatically. Our range of partners and integrations allows this to be a simple plug & play way to increase revenue.


Event organizers can use our solution to measure attendee engagement with Digital Signage, allowing them to optimize content, drive traffic to different sections and sell advertising space to exhibitors and attendees. 

Optimize Your In-Store Digital Signage to Boost Retail Revenue with Our Solution

Our audience measurement solution for retailers is the perfect way to optimize in-store Digital Signage, collect retail intelligence data and ultimately increase revenue. If you’re interested in learning more about our solution and how it can benefit your business, please book a meeting with us today. 

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