Enhancing Digital Signage through Scala Integration with AdMobilize

AdMobilize AI insights platform with Scala Integration

Scala Integration - Digital signage audience measurement

Discover a cutting-edge solution with the Scala Integration for Retail, enhancing Digital Signage Audience Measurement content planning and reporting. Combine AdMobilize’s real-time audience analytics with Scala’s robust media player technology for an effective tool to optimize digital signage strategies.

Delve into our comprehensive integration, capitalizing on Scala’s pricing advantages. Embed AdMobilize’s software directly onto the player, integrate Scala’s Author CMS into your dashboard, and define triggering conditions in your CMS.

This guarantees the delivery of dynamic content, playing only when the appropriate audience is present in front of your signage.

Multiple levels of reporting and automation.

BrightSign Broadsign Integration - Network


Broadsign Integration - Screen


BrightSign BroadSign Integration - Campaign


BrightSign Integration - File

File (Ad)

You can't improve what you can't measure.

Use the data to optimize your content to increase basket size in-store, sell advertising space or deliver a better customer experience for digital signage audience measurement

BrightSign Integration - Measurement


Audience data per content



Data based content triggering in real time



Automatic updating of Impression
Multipliers on your SSP.

Intuitive Dashboards

Empower your digital signage strategy with our user-friendly Scala Integration for DOOH dashboard, delivering real-time campaign insights and reports with simple clicks. Uncover the effectiveness of your screens through Digital Signage Audience Measurement, revealing passersby counts, engagement levels, demographics, attention times, and even facial expressions.

Rest assured, our Privacy by Design approach ensures complete anonymity, with no personal data ever recorded or stored. Explore the additional advantages for cost-effective solutions tailored to your digital out-of-home needs, providing comprehensive analytics and optimizing your advertising strategy effortlessly.

BrightSign Broadsign Integration - Intuitive Dashboard
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