Traffic Measurement Solution

The real world is not static. Traffic flows vary over time. You need a real time traffic measurement solution. Last year’s data is simply not good enough. Measure your Billboards and roadside assets in real time. Amount, Type and speed of vehicles passing by 24/7.

Traffic Measurement Solution

The Traffic Measurement Solution on the AdMobilize Dashboard will provide you all the Vehicle Analytics data that’s been collected.

Roadside / Billboards / Spectacular

Our solution works entirely on-site just by using our AI Sensor, or your own local media player (ask us for specific hardware requirements) and an IP camera (we recommend digital ePTZoom).

Traffic measurement solution 24/7, sync your data with your digital screen content or evaluate new sites for your billboards. Data is knowledge.

Double-sided Billboards? Different traffic directions?

We can select zones and ROIs (regions of interest) to organize your data and gain insights for each site. Total count, speed, direction and type of vehicle (car, bus, truck, motorcycle). Plus pedestrian count categorised by gender. Insights per asset, up to the minute.

Traffic Measurement Solution - Cloud based dashboard & API Access

Our dashboard will be available 24/7 so you can track real time performance of your content and assets. Use our API to integrate your data for planning engines, local CMS and even programmatic trading with your SSP/DSP of choice.

Breakdown of each site per type of vehicle, per site. Calculate an estimated impression based on the average number of passengers on each type.

Speed of vehicle per day, hour and even per minute. Automate your peak times.

Pedestrian heavy zone? Detect people passing by including their gender. Measure total impact.

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