DOOH Partners – Convergencia and AdMobilize

Revolutionizing Audience Analytics in Latin America

AdMobilize: Pioneering Digital Signage Audience Measurement

In an unprecedented collaboration, AdMobilize, a globally renowned leader in digital signage audience measurement, joins forces with Convergencia D.S., a distinguished Latin American company.

Strengthening Positioning with DooH Partners

Unlocking Digital Transformation with AdMobilize Technology

Luis Maria Gonzales Lentijo, CEO & Founder of Convergencia D.S., underscores the strategic significance, stating, “This step strengthens our positioning significantly.”

Elevating ROI with Cutting-edge DooH Partners

Integrating Computer Vision for Optimal Audience Measurement

Collaborating closely, Convergencia implements computer vision-based audience analytics with AdMobilize, enhancing ROI for digital signage projects.

Comprehensive Solutions with AdMobilize DooH Partners

Seamless Integration for Audience Engagement

The integration of AdMobilize into Convergencia’s offering provides an advanced solution for optimizing digital signage and making informed decisions.

Leveraging Data for Enhanced Consumer Engagement

Comprehensive Campaign Reports and Broadsign DooH Integration

Convergencia D.S. plans to leverage the integration to offer clients detailed campaign reports based on real audience exposure.

Positive Outlook with Strategic DooH Partnerships

Strategic Strength in LATAM Region

Julio Izique, VP LATAM Business Development at AdMobilize, highlights the positive outlook for the partnership in the LATAM region.

Transforming the Future of Digital Signage with DooH Partnerships

Promising Results and Market Excitement

Currently, the joint offering is being presented to clients in the region. Garnering promising results and generating excitement in the market.

This groundbreaking collaboration not only solidifies the positioning of AdMobilize and Convergencia D.S. but also sets the stage for a transformative era in digital signage. By seamlessly integrating AdMobilize technology, Convergencia D.S. aims to elevate audience engagement, enhance ROI, and provide comprehensive solutions for the ever-evolving landscape of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising.

Leveraging cutting-edge computer vision technology, AdMobilize brings unparalleled expertise to the partnership. This collaboration signifies a significant stride toward the digital transformation of audience analytics in Latin America, where the integration of AdMobilize’s platform promises advanced and accurate measurements.

With a focus on optimizing digital signage projects, the partnership introduces comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate AdMobilize’s capabilities. This integration empowers clients to make informed decisions, enhance audience engagement, and ultimately elevate their return on investment (ROI).

The strategic move not only strengthens the positioning of Convergencia D.S. as leading integrators but also reflects the growing importance of data-driven strategies in the digital signage landscape. Luis Maria Gonzales Lentijo emphasizes that the collaboration with AdMobilize aligns with the increasing demand for analytics and data in the era of digital transformation.

In conclusion, the AdMobilize and Convergencia D.S. collaboration signals a significant milestone in the evolution of digital signage in Latin America. By combining forces and leveraging the strengths of each company, they aim to revolutionize audience analytics, provide comprehensive solutions, and drive positive results for clients. The excitement generated in the market indicates a promising future for the transformative impact of this strategic partnership.