The Indonesian digital out-of-home market

How Rajawali Media is changing Outdoor media in Indonesia

The Indonesian digital out-of-home market still a relatively new offering. Most operators are still operating static networks, so any media owner exploring the possibilities of digital screens, audience targeting, or automated buying is pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Rajawali Media believes growth is only possible and sustainable by embracing change, and for this reason, the company has partnered with Broadsign to power an aggressive shift into a digital era of Indonesian OOH.

How Rajawali Media is leading OOH advertising in the Indonesian market

Founded in 2012, Rajawali Media started by building a network of static billboards across Indonesia, focusing on Jakarta. Plans changed in 2018 when the government of Jakarta banned static and digital roadside advertising, but Rajawali Media was well prepared. The company converted a portion of its inventory to a digital media screen network. After that, invested exclusively in premium locations throughout the Jakarta market to comply with government guidelines.

Today, Rajawali Media’s inventory type comprises ten static and digital screens in vertical and horizontal formats. The wide-ranging network displays content from local and regional advertisers across all industries. Including Grab, KFC, Heinz, TikTok, YL, Indosat telecommunications, BCA banking, and Tokopedia for e-commerce. Recently, the company has integrated AdMobilize to access its vast audience data and create improved audience analytics and capture system. By making accurate audience data core to its mission, Rajawali is creating a more compelling offering for its buyers in the Indonesian market.

Exploring the opportunities of DOOH

Rajawali Media’s entry into the DOOH space marks a significant step forward for the company. As it’s a new opportunity for advertisers to catch audiences’ attention, especially with video content. With Broadsign Control, DOOH is more accessible than ever before. And will allow Rajawali’s buyers to be more flexible and to react to real-time changes to market conditions.

Some of the future projects Rajawali Media is planning include adding more inventory. To the point of doubling their current network by 2023, the company is also looking to incorporate pDOOH into its network to future-proof operations for its business and clients.

Programmatic DOOH will be a key expansion area for Rajawali Media in the future.

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