OOH Analytics Partners: Tractor and AdMobilize

Tractor Outdoor Revolutionizes OOH Media with AdMobilize Partnership

In a strategic move to shape the future of out-of-home (OOH) media in South Africa, Tractor Outdoor, a prominent player in the industry, has entered into a dynamic partnership with AdMobilize, positioning themselves as innovative OOH Analytics Partners. So this collaboration aims to redefine how advertisers leverage analytics for more informed media placement decisions.

Expanding Audience Datasets Strategically

Accelerating Insights with AdMobilize Integration

Tractor Outdoor’s relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in its aggressive drive to expand audience datasets. This partnership with AdMobilize represents a pivotal step forward, enabling Tractor to harness the power of intelligent analytics. By integrating AdMobilize’s cutting-edge technology, Tractor Outdoor seeks to provide advertisers with deeper insights and enhance their ability to make strategic decisions in real-time.

Sculpting the Future of OOH Advertising

Innovative Technologies for Real-Time Campaign Optimization

Remi Du Preez, the Commercial Director at Tractor Outdoor, emphasizes the significance of integrating mobile tracking data. This integration allows Tractor to serve campaigns more intelligently, ensuring relevance to target audiences in real-time. The partnership positions Tractor Outdoor at the forefront of the industry, aligning with their commitment to exploring and adopting new technologies that catalyze a fundamental shift in how the local outdoor media industry operates.

Precision and Privacy Compliance

AdMobilize Technology: The Game-Changer

AdMobilize’s state-of-the-art technology seamlessly integrates into camera systems at key sites. Beyond accurate audience counting, the technology can discern the type of vehicle and, in specific applications, even determine gender and age bands while adhering to stringent data privacy laws. This precision not only enhances the effectiveness of campaigns but also ensures compliance with privacy regulations.

Exciting Developments in South African OOH

Jose Mora, CEO at AdMobilize, on the Partnership’s Impact

Jose Mora, CEO at AdMobilize, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential impact on the South African OOH landscape. This collaboration is anticipated to bring about transformative changes, introducing new standards and approaches in how OOH media operates in the region.

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Stay updated on the latest news as Tractor Outdoor and AdMobilize redefine the future of OOH advertising. As trusted OOH Analytics Partners, their collaborative efforts are set to shape the industry’s landscape, providing advertisers with unparalleled insights and opportunities.