AdMobilize OOH analytics: With Open Media to Launch One of the First 3D Campaigns

It’s always a pleasure to work alongside our clients to publish exceptional campaigns. In May this year. OPEN Media, in collaboration with Admobilize OOH Analytics, worked with Sky Bet, media agency Essence Mediacom, and to deliver a groundbreaking campaign of firsts, which included:

  • The first 3D campaign to be activated on OPEN Media’s BOXPARK Wembley site.
  • The first reactive, dynamic and real-time 3D campaign.
  • The first 3D DOOH campaign for Sky Bet, who’d previously not explored the limitless capabilities of 3D DOOH.
  • The first campaign to measure and prove the effectiveness of activating 3D copy on our BOXPARK Wembley site, through data collected via AdMobilize’s audience measurement platform.


Situated near Wembley Stadium, OPEN Media’s BOXPARK Wembley site attracts fans during major events. With full motion, 3D capability, brands find creative opportunities.

Using AdMobilize OOH Analytics, BOXPARK Wembley ensures high-quality campaigns and allows brands to measure outcomes, a novelty for a 3D OPEN Perspective campaign.


Sky Bet aimed to integrate into live football conversations, focusing on fans’ match journey. The campaign, in collaboration with, used 3D, real-time copy at BOXPARK Wembley.

Open Media, with and Sky Bet, created two 3D copies. The first generated excitement before the match, featuring both teams. The second celebrated the winning team post-match.

OPEN Media’s first 3D campaign at BOXPARK Wembley aimed to showcase the benefits and potential of the OPEN Perspective network. They anticipated notable metric uplifts, given the medium’s impact.


In addition to the positive traction the campaign received (including being named as The Drum’s Ad of The Day). The campaign has proven the capability and tangible benefits of 3D campaigns. By unlocking data collected via our audience and traffic measurement solution. So we were able to determine a number of key uplifts for the Sky Bet campaign. When compared to a standard relative event day campaign using static copy.

The campaign delivered a winning result for Sky Bet, reinforcing the strength of utilising 3D creative and the OPEN Perspective network offering.

With an average +9% uplift reported in key metrics, it’s clear to see that Perspective campaigns have the potential to combine both creative and media effectiveness.

  • A +7% reported uplift in number of views.
  • A +6% reported uplift in Gaze Thru Rate percentage.
  • A +15% reported uplift in average session time – meaning that audiences were spending more time in front of the site, engaged with the campaign.
  • A +16% uplift in attention time, meaning that audiences were more actively engaged with the campaign’s content.

“We were proud to be the first to bring a 3D OOH experience to BOXPARK Wembley. By offering this reactive real-time creative, we were able to share moments that really matter to our audiences, and position ourselves as a brand that understands what football is all about.” – Leigh Peacock-Goodwin Head of Brand and Sponsorship, Sky Bet

“Getting Sky Bet to the heart of the action was integral to the media plan, and BOXPARK was the perfect spot to unveil the eye-catching 3D creative which brought the whole OOH campaign together. As the first brand to leverage the possibilities of 3D at this site, Sky Bet reinvented what the visual match day experience looks like” – Hannah Cooper OOH Director, Essence Mediacom

“We were delighted to have worked in partnership with Sky Bet to celebrate the milestone 10 year partnership with the EFL. As OPEN Media’s first ever 3D Perspective campaign to be activated on our BOXPARK Wembley site, the campaign further exemplifies our shared commitment to delivering media innovation, while strengthening our association with prominent sporting events and cultural moments” – Mike Smith CEO, OPEN Media.

“Always a pleasure to work with our partners at Open Media. Here you can see how iconic locations and exceptional creatives will always be king in OOH. And mixing these with true measurement to have instant feedback on how the audience is reacting is key to evaluate ROIs and also iterate for future improvement. Impression verification and campaign metrics is starting to become the norm for all major campaigns, and using the right technology enables this to be accomplished on all campaigns equally. Our medium is definitely getting closer to clear attribution models” – Jose Mora CEO, AdMobilize

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