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Innovocean OOH, a leading player in the digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising  industry. Embarked on an exciting project at the iconic V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa.  This endeavor aimed to transform the advertising landscape and offer a unique experience to both locals and tourists alike. By implementing cutting edge advertising measurement technology in this iconic location. Consequently, in a conversation with Kim Labuscagne, Innovocean’s Head of Operations, we delve into the significance of the V&A Waterfront and why it was chosen as the perfect location for their ambitious project.

Project Genesis and location Choice

Innovocean OOH secured the opportunity to manage the advertising at the V&A Waterfront through a successful tender process. In addition gaining approval for the project approximately two years ago. So, with full operations commencing in April 2020, this venture marked the formation of a joint venture between Reveel and Tractor. Both, prominent competitors in the industry.  This JV, known as Innovocean was conceived with the vision of expanding into shopping malls and similar high-traffic areas. 

A Destination for Everyone

Innovocean OOH conducted extensive data collection to confirm the V&A Watefront’s status as a tourist hotspot, as well as a popular destination for local Capetonians. As revealed by the data revealed a significant influx of people arriving at the Cape Town International Airport, with a substancial portion of them heading directly to the V&A Waterfront. This strong tourist presence, which makes up 22% of all visitors, made the V&A Waterfront an enticing location for Innovocean’s inaugural mall-based advertising venture.  


Streamlining the DOOH Advertising Measurement Landscape

Upon taking over the advertising space at the V&A Waterfront, Innovocean OOH made key changes to enhance the advertising landscape. One notable move was the removal of static advertising clutter, clearing the way for the installation of dynamic and eye-catching digital assets. These strategically placed screens transformed the V&A Waterfront into a canvas for advertisers to captivate their target audience effectively.  

The layout of these screens was meticulously planned to guide visitors on a captivating journey. As visitors entered the main entrance of the Waterfront, they encountered the initial digital displays. Further into their exploration, they explored further, they encounters more digital screens at various points. Ensuring advertisers could engage their audience throughout their visit, regardless of their rout. This experience is effectively measured by using footfall counter sensors for each DOOH screen, plus other sources of data to make sure brands get a complete picture of how their ads are getting to the right audience.

A Universal Advertising Presence 

Innovocean strategically ensured that no matter where visitors entered or exited the V&A Waterfront, a digital screen would be prominently placed before them. This universal advertising presence created a seamless and immersive experience, offering advertisers a unique opportunity to connect with consumers at multiple touchpoint. 

Innovocean’s Unique Approach to the DOOH world 

Being in a prime location as the V&A Waterfront, Innovocean operates a network of digital screens. During our conversation with Kim, Innovocean’s Head of Operations, we explore their inventory of screens and how our technology has added value to their advertising efforts.  

Inventory of Screens 

Innovocean OOH boasts an impressive inventory of 24 digital screens at the V&A Waterfront. This inventory includes a mix of screens sizes and placements designed to provide a captivating advertising experience for visitors. To break it down further, Innovocean has 8 pillars and 4 food court digitals, among other displays. These screens are strategically positioned to guide visitors on a journey as they explore the Waterfront. Ensuring advertisers have multiple touch points to engage their target audience. In addition to complement already impressive network screens, soon it became imperative that the need to measure footfall per screen was a necessity. 


Leveraging Admobilize’s Technology

To manage this vast network of screen and enhance their advertising capabilities. Innovocean OOH transitioned their tech support to a new partner, BMT. This transition marked the beginning of an exciting phase. During which they are implementing data cameras on the food court digital screens and the pillars. 
The deployment of cameras powered with AI serves as a dual purpose. Firstly, they provide valuable insights into audience demographics and behaviors. Allowing Innovocean to offer programmatic buys that closely align with advertisers’ target audiences. This approach enhances the precision of their campaigns, catering to specific demographics more effectively.
Secondly, the data cameras serve as a verification and a footfall counter tool. As they offer concrete evidence that the impressions promised to advertisers are indeed being delivered. Computer vision technology reaches levels of accuracy which are really hard to get in the world of DOOH. Staying above 90% precision mark, provided a high level of accuracy, reassuring clients that their campaigns are reaching their intended audience. 

Using Data to Enhance Campaigns

Innovocean’s use of data doesn’t stop at verification; it extends to campaign optimization.  The data collected from the screens allows them to refine their offerings and create more tailored advertising packages for brands.

Programmatic buys are becoming more common, with a closer examination of audience demographics. In essence, when clients send briefs, Innovocean can create packages that align with the specific demographics and behaviors of the V&A Waterfront’s visitors.

Innovocean sees an opportunity to offer even more sophisticated targeting options in the future. They envision moving beyond loop-based advertising to open-ended, shared-of-voice campaigns. This shift would enable more seamless and precise targeting, aligning with the latest trends in audience targeting and personalization. 


Enhancing Advertising with Data Integration

In the future, Innovocean OOH’s forward-thinking approach to merging various sources of data. Such as mobile data, with our camera-based impression verification solution promises to revolutionize DOOH advertising. Innovocean and all DOOH media owners can gain the ability to create highly targeted campaigns with pinpoint precision. A innovative combination not only ensures accurate measurement, but also offers a clear path to return on investment (ROI) for their clients. In light of the industry’s evolution, this dynamic synergy between data sources will enable advertisers to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. 

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