Digital Out Of Home Trends – March Newsletter!

It’s that time of the month again. Join us as we navigate the landscapes of Digital Out-of-Home Data and Retail Media in the AdMobilize Newsletter. We’ve gathered the latest insights from February.  Explore the Digital Out Of Home Trends and our key partnerships.  

How Will Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising Evolve In 2024?

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is expected to evolve significantly in 2024. Driven by technological advancements, programmatic buying, and a focus on sustainability. 

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Digital Out Of Home Trends

Admobilize’s Custom Measurement Solution – Digital Out Of Home Trends

Did you know that Admobilize’s technology is customizable? We specialize in creating tailored measurement solutions for various industries, including Smart Cities, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Construction, and Security. Enhance your operations with a custom measurement solution. AdMobilize develops deployable, custom computer vision solutions for advanced measurement needs.

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Open Media UK x Admobilize Partnership

At AdMobilize, we’re proud of our partnership with Open Media UK and supporting their BOXPARK Wembley Open Connect Screen. Our role involved providing audience and traffic measurement services to assess the campaigns’ impact during the Carabao Group Cup Final. 

Amazing Campaign Open Media UK!

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