How Will Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising Evolve In 2024?

Digital Out Of Home Landscape

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is expected to evolve significantly in 2024. Driven by technological advancements, programmatic buying, and a focus on sustainability. Here are some key trends and developments to watch for:


Programmatic DOOH:

The share of programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) campaigns in the U.S. is estimated to reach 25.5% of total channel ad spending in 2024. In addition, almost eight times more than in 2019 (3.2%). But this trend is expected to continue, making programmatic buying a more significant part of the DOOH advertising landscape.


Data Integration:

DOOH devices will increasingly incorporate connected hardware. Like cameras and sensors, to enable more advanced advertising and audience engagement measurement. This gives a layer of verification with levels of accuracy which are impossible to get with other research-based methods.

Complementary, the use of geofence and location data, can enrich the depth of the audience’s profiles and give retargeting mobile IDs which is essential for OOH to be part of an omnichannel strategy. These two methods combined will allow marketers to get precise and rich data on consumer behavior and preferences, enabling them to create more personalized campaigns and have clear ROIs.


Gesture and Motion Detection:

DOOH devices will increasingly incorporate gesture and motion detection capabilities. As much as allowing marketers to create more immersive and interactive ad experiences. This will enable advertisers to engage with consumers in more engaging and memorable ways.



As the advertising industry becomes more environmentally conscious, DOOH advertising is expected to focus more on sustainability. This may include using renewable energy sources, reducing waste, and promoting eco-friendly products and services.


Creativity and Technology:

DOOH advertising is likely to see a spike in creativity, fueled by technological advancements such as 3D and augmented reality (AR). So this will provide new opportunities for advertisers to engage with consumers in innovative and engaging ways.


In summary, the evolution of DOOH advertising in 2024 will be characterized by the increased adoption of programmatic buying, the integration of data-driven audience measurement, a focus on sustainability, and the use of technology to drive creativity and engagement.

By embracing these trends, advertisers and marketers can leverage the power of DOOH to create more impactful and targeted campaigns. While providing consumers with more engaging and relevant content.

The future of DOOH advertising is exciting. So, with technology and data playing a central role in shaping the industry and driving innovation. As we move further into 2024, these trends are expected to continue to transform the DOOH landscape, offering new opportunities for brands and advertisers to connect with their audiences in meaningful ways.


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