Out-of-Home Measurement made simple

We enable media owners globally to measure, optimize and automate their networks through our set of data collection tools and integrations.

Our Approach

Real-time metrics for real life campaigns - The power of Data fusion

Every data source tells a story. Our platform merges all of this for our clients so the right insights can be created for each campaign. Using Optic Sensors as the base to uncover true exposure, and adding other types of data, our data modeling platform infers with high accuracy and in real-time what is happening across your entire network.

Host all of your data, quantitative and qualitative under one roof, and use our automation tools to use this data for selling, planning, measuring and optimizing campaigns. All you need is a list of addresses.

Data Sources

Optic Sensors - AI Cameras

In the world of OOH advertising, camera based data is by some distance the most effective way to quantify an audience’s real-time exposure to an outdoor campaign. With the aid of our patented computer vision software, media owners can accurately report back on the number of people / vehicles that pass by an OOH location at any given time, and use this as the exposure proxy for their entire network. All of this done entirely on-device, without touching personal-data at any point in time

WiFi Signals

WiFi signals emitted by mobile phones and captured via sensors or Telecoms companies, add an extra layer of information about the area’s foot traffic and frequency of visit. 

Our fully automated sensors and set of partners allows us to collect this data by location and use it as a proxy for their main data points. This provides an extra layer of information to our data modeling engine to verify and predict accurate impression numbers across an entire network.

Mobile Data

Mobile data, particularly derived from SoftwareDevelopment Kits (SDKs) present in various apps, provides a rich level of qualitative and segmentation data from a significant sample of people that pass by a location at any given time.

Our set of global partners allow our engine to pull this information for each specific location and give an accurate picture of the audience’s profile, interest, demographic, income level and purchase intent of each location in our platform. All of this using entirely GDPR compliant datasets

Integrations and Automations

Simple to get started


Integrate your CMS

Get insights at a Campaign and Ad level. This is performance metrics in real-time for OOH.


Feed your planning tools

Use the same data to plan and to measure. Feed our data to your CMS using our APIs and give your direct clients a programmatic-like experience.


Automate your SSPs multipliers

Our platform integrates with all major SSPs. You won’t have to upload your multipliers ever again.

The Power of Data Fusion in OOH

By embracing the power of data, media owners can unlock the full potential  of their Outdoor locations and deliver incredible buying experiences for brands, both programmatically and their direct sales.

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We are grateful that you are interested in our solutions

Let's get in touch! Tell us more about you

We are grateful that you are interested in our solutions

Let's get in touch! Tell us more about you