OOH Analytics in UEFA European Championship at Wembley Stadium: The importance of Real-Time Data for seasonal and event based DOOH locations

With the European summer just around the corner, we remember some of the most impactful use cases of OOH Analytics we have done with our clients. The UEFA European Championship, which was held in 2021 was a monumental sporting event that attracted thousands of fans to London.

And the mythical Wembley Stadium. Open Media, in collaboration with AdMobilize and UniLED, pioneered the way OO advertising is measured and optimized. By leveraging AI, real-time data, and computer vision analytics, Open Media successfully captured and analyzed audience data for their BoxPark screen. In addition, offering advertisers unprecedented insights and campaign performance metrics on a world famous location. Where seasonal and events based traffic simply cannot be measured effectively by traditional measurement technologies. In this blog post, we explore how this partnership transformed DOOH advertising at Wembley Stadium.

The Challenge

Open Media’s high-value BoxPark screen is in a prominent position. In a high footfall area, with thousands of fans passing by on their way to the Euro matches. However, audience measurement of the screen had previously been based on historic averaged data. Which doesn’t highlight the event peaks that advertisers and sponsors are targeting in this particular location. Open Media sought a true, real-time understanding of their BoxPark screen audience during this period and beyond.  With transparent, accountable reporting on the performance of their clients’ campaigns. The ability to access real-time audience data would enable Open Media to demonstrate the true value of the screen for advertisers. In addition to unlock its programmatic capabilities, and showcase the true success of the screen. And by providing best in class measurement reporting and analytics, they could also deliver the transparency and accountability their clients need and demand on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

The Solution

AdMobilize, the leading AI computer vision analytics company for DOOH. And UniLED, the leading digital out-of-home products and services company, partnered to provide Open Media with an end-to end solution. Which delivered real-time audience measurement and campaign performance data. And analyzed for individual clients’ campaigns by UniLED’s OOH analytics and reporting and independent verification platform UniLIVE. Using AdMobilize’s AI software, UniLED installed a single camera onto the BoxPark screen to measure the traffic around the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The real-time data captured was then fed into Open Media via AdMobilize’s cloud based dashboard and API. The data could then be processed by the UniLIVE platform, bringing all the data together, to show advertiser, campaign, and play level data vs the recorded audience and providing Open Media’s clients with accurate hourly reporting of their campaign performance. SInce then, Open Media has adopted this method of reporting across multiple locations.

OOH Analytics Results

Using the data captured, Open Media was able to quantify their audience in real-time and 100% anonymously. Data was available on the AdMobilize dashboard and APIs within 1 minute, providing a true real-time view of the Box Park audience.

  • On non-event days, the daily audience averaged 100K, surging to 150K on event days at Wembley. AdMobilize reported a total of 3.6m impressions in 24 tournament days, a significant increase from the previous monthly average of 1.6m.
  • AdMobilize reported audience fluctuations, capturing real-time daily audiences as Wembley Stadium’s capacity evolved, reaching 75% for the final.
  • The data highlighted granular audience peaks during different games and specific hours before, during, and after each game.
  • On Semi-Final and Final match days, the main audience peak occurred 2 hours before kick-off, dipping during the match. During the England vs Italy final, impressions remained high, with fans gathering outside the stadium.

Through the Admobilize and UniLED partnership, Open Media can access accurate, real-time, audience data for their Box Park digital out-of-home screen and include this location for the first time in UniLIVE reporting and analytics. While providing advertisers with accurate actual impressions per campaign. 

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