Rising Strong: The OOH Market Grew 10% in 2023

In the realm of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, 2023 marked a significant milestone as the industry experienced a remarkable 10% growth, bringing it closer to pre-pandemic levels. This surge in OOH market activity not only signifies a resurgence in outdoor advertising but also reflects the evolving landscape of consumer engagement and brand visibility.

Sensor data

Leveraging Location, Mobile, and Sensor Data for Retail Success

In the bustling world of retail, understanding consumer behavior is the cornerstone of success. Every visit, every interaction, and every purchase holds valuable insights that can shape strategies, optimize operations, and drive revenue growth. In this digital age, in a post third-party cookie world, the convergence of location data, mobile technology, and sensor data presents unprecedented opportunities for retailers to delve deeper into consumer preferences and behaviors, always maintaining customer’s privacy and compliance with current regulations.