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Unlocking the Power of Data: How to Measure Out of Home Advertising

Discover how to measure Out-of-Home Advertising to unlock the power of data. Learn about the key sources of data, including optic sensor-based quantitative measurement, foot traffic tracking through telecommunications and WiFi signals, as well as mobile data for unveiling customer personas.

 In this article, we aim to shed light on the vast potential of data and its role in enhancing outdoor advertising campaigns. Furthermore, we believe almost everyone reading this article is somewhat familiar with the hype surrounding the industry, the double digit growth of programmatic over the past few years, and the post-covid rapid development of this technology in our industry. Therefore, there is no need to go there in this article. Let’s keep the focus on what we believe is the new challenge of the industry, which is high-quality data.

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Four Insights of the Computer Vision Industry

At AdMobilize, we’ve always been strong believers in the potential of Computer Vision technology. Being among the first companies to adopt and implement this cutting-edge technology into our solutions, we’ve witnessed its power firsthand. Here are four insights of this growing technology:

✅ The Computer Vision Industry has experienced steady growth, reaching over USD 12 billion in 2022, with a projected CAGR of over 15% between 2023 and 2032.

✅ Key drivers of industry growth include Retail Media, DOOH, the development of the autonomous vehicle industry, increasing demand for predictive maintenance and quality assurance in manufacturing, as well as AI and IoT investments, and the integration of smart technologies for security and surveillance.

✅ Despite the industry’s growth, the high cost of implementing the technology is a significant barrier for small and medium-sized businesses.

✅ Technological advancements continuously shape the industry, with ongoing improvements in deep learning technologies, single-stage object detectors, and enhancements in hardware efficiency, such as edge AI hardware.

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World Out-of-Home Organization Conference

Last month our CEO José Mora participated in the World Out of Home Organization Conference in Lisbon. Here are some of his insights on the event:

  • Growth: Despite challenging conditions, DOOH and retail media are two of the fastest-growing media channels globally.
  • Programmatic vs Automation: An important clarification is happening. These two are separate (although complementary) processes. Both are important. Programmatic is growing and media owners need to think deeper into automation. Platforms that automate will drive growth.
  • Sustainability: No need to explain this. We’re all in this together.
  • The power of Data Fusion: Exciting use cases of some of the most advanced OOH markets, such as Japan show this. Is not one type of data or the other. Understanding data sets (SDK, AI Cameras, Telecoms, sensors, etc), what story they tell, leveraging their combination, and enabling integrations is the way forward.
  • Content is King: Creativity is the heart of this industry. The white canvas that public spaces and screens give creatives the ultimate tool to get audience attention and drive results. No other medium has the creative potential that OOH offers. The 5% syndrome as many people called it needs to change.

We are proud to know that AdMobilize solution is at the forefront of the OOH industry’s growth by driving our client’s Data Collection, processing, and automation for their digital screens. Contact us to learn more!

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