Understanding Audience Measurement: Welcome to the Admobilize November Newsletter!

Understanding Audience Measurement: The Key to Digital Advertising Success

Welcome to November’s edition of the AdMobilize Newsletter, where we explore the latest trends in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) and Retail Media with a focus on Audience Measurement. In our October insights, we delve into how Audience Measurement plays a pivotal role in enhancing advertising strategies.

5 Ways to Increase Your Revenue Using Computer Vision

Computer vision technology, coupled with effective Audience Measurement, is revolutionizing the retail industry. Here are five strategies to leverage these technologies for revenue growth:

    • Enhanced Product Placement through Audience Measurement: Understand how your customers interact with products.
    • Personalized Content Based on Audience Data: Tailor experiences to customer preferences identified through Audience Measurement.
    • Footfall & Demographics Correlation: Use Audience Measurement to analyze foot traffic and demographic data for targeted marketing.
    • Retail Media and Audience Insights: Leverage Audience Measurement for impactful retail media strategies.
    • Omnichannel Strategy Enhanced by Audience Measurement: Integrate offline and online data for a comprehensive view of your audience.
understanding audience measurement

The Power of Data Fusion in Audience Measurement: Get real-time metrics for real-life campaigns

In the realm of data, each piece narrates a story. Our platform consolidates it all, enabling clients to craft insightful campaigns. Leveraging Optic Sensors as the foundation to unveil genuine exposure and incorporating diverse data types, our modeling platform accurately infers real-time insights. “Understanding Audience Measurement,” centralize your quantitative and qualitative data, utilizing automation tools for seamless selling, planning, measuring, and optimizing campaigns.

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In the Social Media Spotlight: Audience Measurement in Action

  • Discover how AdMobilize leads the way in retail transformation with data-driven insights that elevate the customer experience, setting new benchmarks. If you’re considering digital signage or retail media, this video is a must-watch.
  • In the midst of the Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs happening right now, we’re taking a moment to revisit some of the most impactful use cases we’ve had with our clients, reminiscent of OPEN Media UK‘s collaboration with AdMobilize. Bringing to life a dynamic 3D Perspective campaign for Sky Betting & Gaming during the EFL (English Football League) Play-Off Finals, right outside the iconic Wembley Stadium. Our role in this partnership involved providing audience and traffic measurement services to assess the campaigns’ impact. To Learn more, check it out.  
  • As OOH is evolves, just like everything in tech, new and shiny things like Generative AI, 3D campaigns, optical illusions, or CGI are taking over the OOH discussions – alongside our beloved Measurement of course – However, we think everybody can agree that Creative is, and always be King. We all love campaigns that are just brilliant, not because of their technology, but the human minds behind it. For more insights, check out some examples of amazing OOH campaigns that have turned heads and shown the power of out-of-home advertising. Learn more

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